Dixon Innovations


Dixon Innovations

Daniel J Dixon.com

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DanieljDixon.com is more dedication to philanthropic ideas. Some of these sites include iHumanitarian.com, which will be committed to recognizing humanitarian efforts.

GreenPrince.org will be dedicated to green ideas, innovations, and companies.

3Dinventor.org will be committed to inventors using 3Dprinters.

BioTechHomes.com is devoted to sharing biotech living, construction etc.

HumanAdvancementSolutions.com will be a site dedicated to solutions for the 21 Century. 

CoopGrowing.com will be a site dedicated to growing food for tight knit neighborhood communities.

BarterBull.com will be a site were those in local communities find easy access to bartering and trade.

VisualDetox.com will be a site that hosts pictures and videos designed to reverse spiraling cultural trends.

Plus many more… if you live in the SF Bay Area and are interested in running any of these sites please contact Daniel.